Your highly secure e-Vault for personal and banking use

Your time is valuable, save it

With mySafePlace, you live the experience of peace of mind in storage, consultation and exchange of documents at the highest security level

Accessible anytime and anywhere

Security, confidentiality and easy to use


Your “concierge” for your personal documents.
On your exclusively private space, you can store your personal and confidential information (identity, certificates of value, lifecycle, real estate, property, succession…)

Consult and search

You need a notice of a transaction or a tax document?
Through your “Consultation Bank space”, you can easily add the documents emitted by the bank thanks to our intelligent search engine.

Share and communicate

Discover a new way of communicating with your private banker.
Your “Shared Bank space” becomes your new communications central point for your banking or investment projects (deposit and exchange of documents, discussion forum, notifications, effectiveness…)


Private Space

Consultation Bank space

Share Bank space




If you wish to become our first clients to use mySafePlace and to share with us your suggestions of improvement, simply contact your private banker or fill in the form in order to start the procedure of subscription to the electronic safe.

You will receive your initial password in your secured messaging.

You must be a user of myWealth, our digital solutions (web or mobile).

Once logged-in, a button will appear on the dashboard of myWealth. A simple click will lead you to your eVault.

At your first log in, you will have to modify your initial password, to read and accept the general conditions of use of the e-Safe.

You profit from a space of 1 Go at the level of your personal safe.

Bank space is unlimited. 

Security and Confidentiality

You are alone to know the combination of the key of your safe through your additional password which is required to open mySafePlace.

This password is encrypted and ensures thus the Confidentiality of the contents of your private safe.

The details are hosted in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, at the Banque.

Moreover the Luxembourg legislation has no limitation in the level of protection of the customers.

You are a user of mySafePlace ?

Give us your opinion. Your feedback has a voice let it be heard !


Soon useful documents will be available