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myEagleVision, the aggregation solution for multi-bankarized clients


On a sole picture, get your immediate consolidated view

myEagleVision offers a global vision of your financial and non-financial assets


myEagleVision is a web application based on an aggregation engine

Gathers financial positions

Retrieve financial positions from the portfolios you wish to consolidate

Takes in account non-financial assets

Record the valuation of your real property, jewels, classic cars

Highly secured bank environment

myEagleVision is accessible only via your secured website eConnect Wealth Management. It requires strong authentication, combined with several personal security measures that guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data

web application based on an aggregation engine

Get Started

Add your banks

1. Add your banks

Select the countries and the banks. Enter your credentials and get your data.
Define what you want to aggregate

2. Get your breakdown

By asset types: direct view on your portfolio exposure by categories.
By currencies: asset diversification by currencies.
Define what you want to aggregate

3. Add your non-financial assets

Non-financial assets are part of your wealth. Enter your real estates, collections, jewels, vehicules…



At any time (and also during the Friendly User Testing phase), only you have access to the data you have chosen to aggregate.

Your data are stored on BGL’s servers within a dedicated infrastructure consistent with high security standard.

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