myBioPass is your unique KEY to access your BNP Paribas Wealth Management digital solutions and validate transaction using your BIOMETRICS


Your unique Key to access your BNP Paribas Wealth Management digital services

Have you ever found tedious to access your online banking services? What is my client number? Which password did I use? Where is my code card or my token? Wouldn’t you like to access your online services as you are served by your Private Banker?

That is the core idea behind myBioPass: your smartphone recognizes you as your Banker would do, and let you access your bank accounts and validate your transactions at the blink of an eye!


Mobile Biometric Authentication Offers comfort
and Enhanced Security

Snap a Selfie (Facial Recognition)

Millennials aren’t the only age group familiar with snapping a selfie. Why not use it as your means to authenticate? It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s familiar. Get access to your accounts in 3-seconds or less.

Touch to Approve (Fingerprint ID)

Another option is to take advantage of cutting edge technology of smartphones, like fingerprint ID. Combined with your voice,  it gives you great biometrics accuracy. Just touch the sensor and validate transactions!

Your Voice is Your Password (Voice Recognition)

By speaking out two short phrases, clients can securely be identified. When performing a transaction you can layer voice on top of fingerprint recognition for enhanced security.

Get Started

Record Your Biometrics

Download the “TestFlight” application in the Appstore to use myBioPass and myWealth in a Beta mode. Agree to terms and conditions, then enroll your biometrics by recording your fingerprints, your face and voice

Check Your Biometrics

Once all your biometrics recorded (face, voice and fingerprints), check them and enjoy the use of your biometrics to access your banking services and validate your transactions

Contact Your Private Banker

When you are ready to use myBioPass to access your digital banking services, call your Private Banker to set up an appointment

Activate Your Biometrics

To ensure a high level of security, BGL BNP Paribas will verify that biometrics belong properly to the person who it claims to be. Your biometrics will be activated only after a face-to-face appointment with your private banker who will validate your recordings




Biometric logon is an authentication method to assist in verifying your identity. It collects your facial (image capture), or your voice biometric (audio recording).

Biometrics uses something clients are – their face or voice – in conjunction with something they have – their device – to provide an additional layer of security to verify their identity.

iPhone users 5s or later are eligible to utilize myBioPass

BGL BNP Paribas does not store directly your biometric data: these are the mathematical models obtained by an algorythme which are stored on the secured servers of the bank.
They are not shared with any third party.

BGL BNP Paribas believes combining two forms of authentication better protects our clients. This could PIN, fingerprint, facial or voice recognition. All use a combination of something you have, know and/or are.

Enrollment process

The enrollment failure will notify you what part of the enrollment failed, to assist you in your next enrollment attempt

You can disable biometrics by calling the Digital Support (+352)42 42 23 33

No, but you can choose to log in with your client number and password in combination with your TAN Card or token. You can also disenroll from biometrics by calling the Digital Support (+352)42 42 23 33, who will delete your biometrics.

You can disenroll from biometrics by calling the Digital Support (+352)42 42 23 33, who will delete your biometrics.

Your biometric data will not be used for authentication any longer and will be deleted. You will have to re-enroll to use biometrics in the future.

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