Driving BNP PARIBAS Wealth Management together forward

Design products and services with strong added value for our clients in an agile and innovative mode

What is the DESIGN Factory?

This is a space converted into user-friendly basecamps to support the DESIGN teams, whose ambition is to deliver in a very short time products with high added value for the Wealth Management clientele.

How to deliver a product rapidly?

The work methods specific to start-ups are preferred: composition of small multi-skilled teams (pizza teams), appearance of new learnings (Product owners, Growth Hackers, UX/UI, CX Board, Swiss Knife…), use of the Design Thinking and Lean methods.
The needs and the customer experience are at the heart of our developments 

What is different?

The DESIGN Factory is a place of exchanges which drives collaboration, proximity, dialogue, and thus the effectiveness in the development and growth of the projects.
We welcome other staff members and clients in a user-friendly atmosphere and happy mood to discuss our ideas and to make evolve our products together. Breakfasts, lunches are regularly organized

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

The product is delivered with minimal features that create though added value for the end-user. The basic principle is to figure out your  needs and your pains that need to be solved in order to design a product which will provide you satisfaction.
The teams work on tuning the engine following your feedbacks

The DESIGN FACTORY in figures

Used Post-it
White paperboards (…now colourful)
Hours of workshops with clients and colleagues
Coffee capsules (maybe more, what else?)

The famous Pizza Teams

At the DESIGN Factory, the teams organize themselves around the Product Owner, true “Orchestra Conductor” of the team which assists her/him

Claire Buisson

DESIGN Factory Leader

Frédéric Matterne

Product Owner of myBioPass

Renald Hutting

Product Owner of myEagleVision

François-Louis Thoreau

François-Louis Thoreau

Product Owner of mySafePlace

The pizza teams are composed of 5 members, each playing a different role and mission

The Product Owner

is in charge of the product conception and play the role of the client

The Scrum Master

facilitate the communication within the team. He seeks to improve the productivity and the know-how of the team

The Swiss-knife

will seek the answers to the questions of all types that the team can face

The Growth Hacker

is in charge of insuring the product growth using creative communication and marketing techniques to turn visitors into Happy Clients

The Tech Lead

brings his technical expertise to the team to ensure the feasibility of the product

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.- Jeff Bezos, CEO of
Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm- Samuel Taylor Colebridge
une personne qui n’a jamais commis d’erreur n’a jamais tenté d’innover- Albert Einstein