DESIGN FACTORY: the project to drive BNP Paribas Wealth Management together forward

Customer Experience and client path analysis at the heart of our Digital Strategy


Designing high added value products and services for our customers in an innovative and disruptive environment

Discover the prototypes of the 3 products designed for you

#1 myBioPass

is your unique key to access your BNP Paribas Wealth Management digital solutions and to validate transactions using your biometrics

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#2 mySafePlace

your highly secure e-Vault: storage, consultation, documents sharing and a confidential way to communicate with your private banker

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#3 myEagleVision

offers you a global vision of your financial and non-financial assets to improve your investment decision making

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#4 myFeedBack

a new and easy way to provide your opinion with 3 opportunities to give your feedback and a dedicated team, the “Voice of Client”

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Big Bang in a BIG Bank

Launched in July 2015 in the form of disruptive innovation workshops, the DESIGN FACTORY aims to recreate Wealth Management client experience and to push bounds of traditional work methods.

A start-up within the bank

To meet the challenge to develop new products within a very short time, our teams have received extensive support provided by experts to be trained to methods and approaches used by start-up companies: design thinking, lean, agility, pizza teams…

A long running in SPRINT mode

Innovative development solutions has to be based on new work methods. The scheduling of Factory deliveries relies on short development cycles (Sprint) with a duration of two weeks, focused on clear objectives in order to reassess targets quickly.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it- Albert Einstein
To learn that my bank is managing such projects and to be part of it, that is out of the box!- Henri, Client Wealth Management
Client experience is in at the heart of the digital strategy of the Private bank to assist its transformation- François Dacquin, CEO Wealth Management Luxembourg

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Big Factory Suisse

Not to be missed

Our Swiss based initiatives

To meet the needs of our worldwide clients, the « Client Experience Project” also happens in Switzerland. Two specific initiatives are ongoing: MyLife, a life-planning organizer, WealthManagementWorld, customized services aggregator dedicated to all clients of BNP Paribas Wealth Management.